Speaking and Listening: Group discussion



My mentor suggested a group discussion task and having tried it out today I have to say that it worked brilliantly. Whilst I’m sure there are lots of good group discussions out there, I was so impressed with how involved the students were and the length of time they were able to discuss the issue that I thought I’d share it. Here goes:

Only one person in your group is able to receive £5000

Prepare the reasons why you should receive the money over everybody else and what you would spend the money on.

When you’re in your discussion groups everybody should be given time to present their reasons and decisions before you discuss them as a group and reach a decision about who should be given the money.

 I have quite a few reluctant speakers but this issue really seemed to bring them out of their shells. It was particularly entertaining when group members felt a real sense of injustice when they were out of the running and it was great to see students managing and encouraging the contributions of others. This task is apparently simple but effective nonetheless.