About Me


My name is Rebecca Foster and, following the arrival of my gorgeous little boy, I’m now a part-time English teacher working in Kent. Before that I worked for five years in a wonderful school in Suffolk. I was Second in English and was also involved with the training of PGCE and GTP students.

After setting up another blog especially for my students I have rather neglected this since I was an NQT and am hoping to update it. I’m a firm believer in sharing ideas/resources . Not all of my ideas and approaches will be for everybody but I hope you’ll find something useful.

Do feel free to ask me for something in particular – I may just have something. As a dedicated English Magpie I have collected quite a range of good ideas from my own experience, other English teachers and also from training courses.



6 Responses

  1. An impressive venture! Best wishes Rebecca. Ian

  2. What a brilliant site, Rebecca. Like a chat with a really supportive colleague. Thank you for some lovely ideas.

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog – amazing idea! I’m a trainee teacher so I’ll be checking in again for sure!

  4. Such a useful site thank you for these great teaching ideas. I am an NQT and your fun and functional ideas are proving incredibly useful.

  5. Thank you for these incredibly useful resources and ideas. I am an NQT and your site is proving very useful for me.

  6. I personally have found this blog most interesting. Thank you Mrs Foster!

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