Preparing for writing a film review: Shot types and angles


I gave students a card sort with a few basic shot types and agles. They had to match the description to the picture (I found the pictures online). I’ve attached the card sort below. The images are OK but the high/low angle aren’t that easy to decipher. After the students had completed the card sort I asked them to make notes on the effect of the different shot types/angles.


I showed the students the ‘shoot out’ scene in ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ (youtube link on the PowerPoint) and asked them to make notes on the camera shots/angles used. I modelled how I wanted them to write about the effect of the choices made by the director and then gave them three scenes from the scene to analyse/comment on.


The students were given a list of scenarios and asked to decide what shot type or angle they would use e.g. to show a terrifying giant. The discussion about this was quite interesting where students had made unusual choices but were able to justify them.

Shot types and angles

Card Sort: Jumbled shot types and angles


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