Preparing for writing a film review: Genre


I asked students what they thought ‘genre’ meant and then gave them the basic definition: a type of film e.g. romance. In pairs I then asked to list as many genres as they could come up. We then discussed why genres exist – successful formulas are repeated to appeal to particular audiences.

Main activities

We did a quick Character/Film/Genre quiz which I have borrowed from somewhere and will need to give credit for. Basically you show them a slide with a few famous characters and students identify the character name, which film they are from and the genre of the film.

We then discussed how you identify the genre of a film – which they would probably want to identify for the film they review. Genres have typical settings, characters, scenes, story-lines and plots. As an example we looked at the police/crime genre and what they would expect to see in each of those categories. I then asked them to complete the table for another genre (or more).


I showed them the slide with six images and asked them to identify the genre.

Film Genre


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