Starters: Dictionary Game


 Again, this is not a game of my invention but I think it’s a brilliant little starter to get students learning new words and having fun with them. The rules can be a bit tricky to begin with but after a few goes they sould get the hang of it and become more confident. Here’s the instructions:

Object of the game

To learn new words, trick people and hopefully have fun!

How to play

1. Decide who is going first. That person is ‘The Reader’ for the first round and they will open the dictionary up to a random page and will have 1 minute to pick a word from that page (the most unusual are the best).

2. The Reader will read out the word and spell it out but will not read the definition. Everyone secretly writes down what they think the definition of the word is. The more the definition sounds like a dictionary definition, the better chance you have of fooling everyone! If you really don’t know what the definition could be just have a go at making something up that could convince the others. The Reader writes down the real meaning of the word on his/her own piece of paper.

3. When everyone has finished writing The Reader collects the definitions from everybody else. The Reader mixes them all up (including the real one) and reads them out. The rest of the group then vote for his/her choice of the real meaning of the word.


The Reader reveals the real definition of the word and points are as follows:

Each player who chooses the correct meaning of the word gets 2 points.

Each player gets a point for every vote for his/her made up definition.

If no one votes for the real definition, the Reader gets 2 points.

The Reader then gives the dictionary to the next player, and the next round starts.

The first to 10 points is the winner.  


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