Revision Game: Splat


This is not a game of my creation but it is certainly a revision tool that I have used and my class have enjoyed it. Essentially it can be adapted to suit any revision – for example you can use it to revise poems, a play, prose and even literary devices. I’m sure it can be adapted beyond this but the couple of times we’ve played it we’ve used it to revise poems from the anthology….

Right, so going a bit post-it note crazy you write poems from the anthology onto sepearate post-its. You place these up around the room and for fun you might scatter them high and low to make it a bit more difficult. You divide the class into two competing teams and each team has a representative (runner – these can be changed and you could even attempt some relay action). You might give a quotation from the poem and the students have to run to the correct post-it note, put their hands over it and shout ‘SPLAT’. The first there scores a point for their team. You might want to move on from giving quotations to talking about the key theme of a poem or anything else you can think of. Adapt away.

The game gets quite interesting as teams can help their representative but they need to try and do so without giving the point away to the opposition. This encourages cooperation and a bit of tactical play which is always amusing. I find this game is a good kinaesthetic way of getting a bit of revision in.


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