O brave new world

So I suppose in this very first post I should perhaps explain why it is that I want to start a blog. It goes without saying that I have not yet mastered the art of blogging and I have no misconceptions about the fact that perhaps nobody will ever read this…

 I trained last year and despite the fact that I had a lot of support from teachers and fellow trainees I didn’t really know what to expect from my first year in teaching. NQTs seemed rather elusive and I had no idea how anybody made the apparently HUGE jump from trainee to full time teacher. This is part of the reason I wanted to create this blog – so that trainees might stumble across it and realise that there is light at the end of the tunnel and perhaps find some comfort from my experiences.  

 Secondly, I am always excited when I plan lessons that work well and I would quite like to share ideas and resources with other teachers. They may or not be suited to other teachers’ classrooms but they may prove useful with some adaptation. I often find that seemingly remote and unrelated little nuggets of experience spark off ideas and perhaps I can be a part of that process on the nugget side.

 Finally, I’m quite a reflective person naturally. I often reflect on lessons and consider ways to improve them. I also reflect on my own life and perhaps can be seen as a victim of over-analysing parts of it. I’m a serial diary starter – though have never kept one regularly for more than a year. In this way a blog seems perfect. I can reflect away without the worry about starting and restarting. Whilst I have the wholesome intention of posting regularly, I’m sure there will be a natural ebb and flow to this blog.

 I’m intrigued by this new world of blogging and I am wondering…are there really people reading this?


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